Academy DGs Urge You To Vote

Fellow USAFA graduate:

We the undersigned urge you to vote in the 2019 Association of Graduates Election, which runs through noon (Mountain Time) on Monday, March 18.

For the better part of four years, the two most recent AOG Boards of Directors have worked diligently with the USAFA Endowment to develop a joint, mutually beneficial proposal that would allow for the two organizations to hire a single CEO to oversee both operations. The AOG and Endowment would remain two separate organizations operated by two independent boards of directors.

Now it’s your opportunity to react — positively or negatively — to the proposed plan. As an AOG member, you should have received an emailed ballot link and several reminders about this important matter. We ask you to take a few moments today and please vote before the election period ends.

If just 25% of our membership votes in the election, we can settle this issue once and for all. We urge you to engage with your alumni organization and take part in the election, but you have less than a week left to do so. Your involvement is very much appreciated.

If you do not have your election login information, please click on this link, enter your email address that is on file with the AOG, and your election login information will be emailed to you. If that does not work, contact the AOG at or call 719-472-0300 for help.


Mr. Harry Pearce ’64
Gen. (Ret.) Ron Fogleman ’63
Dr. Paul Kaminski ’64
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bradley Hosmer ’59
Mr. Richard Schlosberg ’65
Col. (Ret.) Fred Gregory ’64
Gen. (Ret.) Ron Yates ’60
Gen. (Ret.) Hansford Johnson ’59
Gen. (Ret.) Michael Ryan ’65
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Ed Mechenbier ’64
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Erv Rokke ’62
Mr. Gregg Popovich ’70
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Donald Shepperd ’62
Mr. John Martinson ’70
Gen. (Ret.) John Michael Loh ’60
Mr. Max James ’64
Gen. (Ret.) Ralph Eberhart ’68
Mr. Richard McConn ’66
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Marcus Anderson ’61
Mr. Ted Legasey ’67
Mr. Bart Holaday ’65
Gen. (Ret.) Bill Looney ’72
Dr. Tom Eller ’61
Gen. (Ret.) Kevin Chilton ’76
Gen. (Ret.) Gregory “Speedy” Martin ’70
Mr. Paul Madera ’78
Mr. David Yost ’69
Gen. (Ret.) Charles Holland ’68
Gen. (Ret.) Lee Butler ’61
Gen. (Ret.) Steve Lorenz ’73
Mr. John Fox ’63
Mr. Allan McArtor ’64
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Randy Jayne ’66
Gen. (Ret.) Mark Welsh ’76
Col. (Ret.) Dr. Mike Lambert ’70
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Chris Inglis ’76